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Hello there!

Welcome to Provisions Wine School

We are London's only wine school focusing on sustainable, organic and biodynamic wine. Our courses will teach you how wine is made, help you pair food and wine like a pro, and introduce you to fellow wine lovers.

We offer wine education for all, from the curious newcomers to seasoned enthusiasts and host our classes in private dining rooms of some of London's best wine bars and restaurants. 


What our students say about us...

I've learnt an incredible amount, gained confidence in my existing knowledge and generally had a very enjoyable few weeks of tasting and talking wine. I’ve since recommended the course to numerous friends as a perfect way to learn how to choose and appreciate better wine.


I feel much better at pairing wine and food compared to before I started the course. Now I know my own palate.


During the six weeks, I learnt a lot and had a lot of fun. Sam took us through the basics of how to identify aromas in the wine and pair different wine and food. I highly recommend the School if you want to learn about natural wine.


I had no idea that the same grapes could produce such different wine, but now I can look at a bottle and not be scared because I know how it was made.


I now feel like I can speak the language of wine. I'd recommend the course 110%.


Relaxed, open minded and passionate teaching, yet you would struggle to pack more knowledge into the six weeks.